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2023 PGA Championship

Oak Hill Country Club

May 15th - 21st 2023



Interested in becoming a volunteer at the famed 13th hole at Oak Hill? Follow the instructions below on how to get started.



·  Click the “REGISTER HERE” button above.

·  Click on “Adult Volunteer” and enter code: 23PGAChampVolunteer

·  Create your preferred Username and Password and select “Continue”

·  Complete the Contact Information portion

·  Make your committee selection by selecting “Marshals Hole 13 - Monroe County Publics” from the drop-down menu

·  Enter Code:  23PGAHole13

·  Select “Continue” and complete remaining registration questions

·  Complete payment information and select “Checkout” to finish your volunteer registration!


ALL questions may be directed to Bud Klafehn

Priority Ticket Registry

As a benefit of our Marshal Club Program, whether you are interested in volunteering or not, but would like the opportunity to attend the 2023 PGA Championship as a spectator, you’re invited to participate in the PGA Ticket Registry.

To take advantage of this priority access opportunity please visit PGA Ticket Registry and complete the ticket registration form.

Congrats to the Low Putt Winners!

9-hole League

A Flight - Liz Prescod - 17 putts (winner via tie break)

B Flight - Nora Hall - 13 putts

C Flight - Chris Pucher - 24 putts

18-hole League

A Flight - Susan Hoffman - 27 putts

B Flight - Tracy Ammerman - 30 putts

C Flight - Kelly Calabrese - 29 putts (winner via tie break)


   28 – Spring Brunch


    5 – Just Golf  

   12 – Low Putts  














 19 – Tee to Green 







   26 – Just Golf


    2 – Two Girl Scramble - postponed (rain)

    9 – Two Girl Scramble - postponed (rain)

   16 – Pink Ball




   23 – 9/18 Hole Mixer (2-Girl Scramble)

   30 – 2 of 4 Girl Best Ball






    7 – President’s Cup

   14 – 2 Girl Scramble


   21 – Two Girl Scotch

   28 – Bear Creek Special


    4 – Just Golf

   11 - Championship

   18  - Championship



















   25 – Just Golf


    1- Three Clubs and a Putter








   8 – Just Golf

   15 - Consolation

   22- Two Girl Best Ball










   29 – 9/18 Hole Mixer (Ryder Cup Style)


    6 – Annual Fall Awards Banquet

Congrats to the Tee to Green  Winners!

9-hole League

A Flight - Cindy Keller - 40 (broke tie with Liz Prescod)

B Flight - Rose Hall - 42

C Flight - No winner - no players, either due to lack of handicap or stopped playing

18-hole League

A Flight - Deb Wood - 27

B Flight - Cheryl Ferguson - 34 (tie break)

C Flight - Peg Baker - 40

Congrats to the Pink Ball  Winners!

9-hole League

1st Place - Sawdey,  Schlinger,  Altavela: 36

2nd Place - Cunningham, Eggleston: 37

3rd Place - Sullivan, Casilio. Helfrich: 37

18-hole League

1st Place - Chris Steele, Judy Fleissig, Heather Evans and Lisa VanParys: 77

Congrats to Chris Steele on her Hole in One on #5!!

Congrats to the Winners of the Mixed Event

We  had 4 teams that played well.  The teams were within ¼ of a stroke of each other (net 25.75-26).  Here they are:


Denise LeVan & Judy Vogt

Dawn Shumway & Cindy Keller

Daryl Perlo & Kate Vincelli

Peg Baker & K. Atlavelta

Congratulations to the 9-Hole

2 of 4 Best Ball Winners

 1st: Mary Ann Frenz, Pam O'Neil, Cindy Casilio,   Roseanne Dalton with a 54 net

 2nd: Karen Altavela, Rose Hall, Lynn Steltman and   Louise Eggleston with a 58 net

Congratulations to the 18-Hole

2 of 3 Best Ball Winners

 1st: Denise LeVan, Tracy Ammerman, & Judy Fleissig   with a 137 net

 2nd: Sue Kausch, Carolyn Tinling & Marilyn Krepps   with a 140 net

 3rd: Heather Evans, Nancy Bryant & Dawn Shumway   with a 141 net

Congratulations to the 9-Hole

Presidents Cup Winner

   Donna Cunningham with a net 34

Congratulations to the 18-Hole

Presidents Cup Winner


   Phyllis Haberer with a net 70


Congratulations to the 9-Hole

2 Girl Scramble Winners

1st: Cindy Keller and Madlyn Cassata - net 24 

2nd: Chris Pucher and Lynn Steltmann - net 25.5

3rd: Kate Vincelli and Pam O'Neil - net 26

Congratulations to the 18-Hole

2 Girl Scramble Winners

1st: Jan LaVigne and Joy Florcak - net 65.3

2nd: Pat Sorce and Denise LeVan - net 67.7

3rd: Julie Hamm and Daryl Perlo - net 68.55

Congratulations to the 9-Hole

Scotch Winners

 1st: Chris Pucher and Lynn Steltmann - net 31.2 
2nd: Liz Prescod and Kathy Broikou - net 32 
3rd: Cindy Keller and Madlyn  Cassata - net 32.8 

Congratulations to the 18-Hole

Scotch Winners

 1st: Dawn Shumway and Denise LeVan – net 68
2nd: Tracy Ammerman and Carolyn Tinling – net 71.8
3rd: Chris Steele and Pat Sorce – net 72.8

Congratulations to the 9-Hole
Bear Creek Winners

1st: Cindy Casilio, Nora Hall, Barb Bridson - score 57
2nd: Chris Pucher, Barb McIver, Lynn Steltmann, Pam Sawdey - score 63
3rd: Roseanne Dalton, Sue Liwush, Judy Vogt, Mary Ann Fenz - score 68 

Congratulations to the 18-Hole
Bear Creek Winners

1st: Chris Steele, Judy Fleissig, Lin Smith and Joanne Winslow - score 113 
2nd: Tracy Ammerman, Carolyn Tinling, Kelly Calabrese & Upar Yaeger - score 124

Congratulations to our

9-hole Club Champion 

Pam Sawdey

A Flight 
Overall low gross: Pam Sawdey (112) and Club  Champion 
Runner up ( low gross): Rose Hall 123
Third place ( low net): Lynn Steltmann (78)

B Flight
Overall low gross (first place): Nora Hall ( 122)
Runner up ( low gross): Pam O'Neil ( 126)
Third Place low net: Roseanne Dalton : 77 

Congratulations to our

18-hole Club Champion 

Deb Wood

Our club champion is Deb Wood with a 2-day total gross score of 162.  She had to make the putt on the last hole to best Julie Hamm who had a 161.  Very Exciting!!  Daryl Perlo is our low net winner in the A flight with a 141.


B flight champion was Mary Schlitzer with a 2 -day total of 184.  A distant runner-up was Pat Sorce (due to attrition in the ranks).  But the key competition was between Mary and Heather with Heather just one stroke off of Mary’s total.  Heather won low net with a 145.


C flight champion was Carolyn Tinling with a 216.  Runner-up was Judy Fleissig with a 235.  Marilyn Krepps captured low net with a 140.

Congratulations to the 9-Hole 

3-Clubs-and-a-Putter Winners


A Flight Winner: Teresa Sullivan 36 ( tied with Maddie Cassata); Teresa won the tie breaker 
B Flight Winner : Lynn Steltmann 39
C Flight Winner: Nora Hall 36 


Congratulations to the 18-Hole
3-Clubs-and-a-Putter Winners

A flight – Amy Mason – 86
B flight – Heather Evans – 102
C flight – Dawn Shumway – 122

Who needs 14 clubs?

Congratulations to the 18-Hole
Consolation Winners

A flight:  Maggie Kril

B flight:  Janet Kowal

Congratulations to the 9-Hole

2-Girl Best Ball Winners


   1st: Kate Vincelli and Pam O'Neil

   2nd: Teresa Sullivan and Carolyn Helfrih 

   3rd: Liz Prescod and Maddie Cassata

Congratulations to the 18-Hole
2-Girl Best Ball Winners

   1st:  Denise LeVan & Pat Sorce

   2nd:  Carolyn Tinling & Emilee Drumm

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